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Staff Sgt. Shachar Fridman’s H.Y.D

Served in unit 101 of paratroopers and was killed in Gaza on Thursday, November 18, 2023 in a heroic battle, face to face, with a terrorist squad. The terrorists were eliminated, but Shahar and his commander were also killed in the battle. And he is only 21 years old.

Shahar, left a long written text, he left ‘ethical will’ to his parents, kept a diary from Gaza and also managed to write an agenda, which quickly became a ‘ethical will’ for the entire nation. The power of the sentences he wrote resonates in Israel and has already reached many places in the world.

The Light of Shachar

fundraiser for an association in his memory


Remember Shachar and do good to its light

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Be Good People
Strive to make every person you meet smile too.
Be open to criticism and always try to improve yourself.
Know that the greatest quality that one can have is the ability to make another person happy.
Open your ears to the needs of others and open your eyes to their pain.
Try to smile as much as possible even when it’s hard.
Pay attention to those who are often overlooked.
Appreciate the little things the world has to offer, especially nature and music.
And most importantly, be good people in your own way. Don’t let society dictate to you what makes you good people, just try as hard as you can, and even when you fall, know that that’s the road to success.
Love yourselves and the world. When you radiate happiness, a circle of joy will slowly form that will create a better world.


Staff Sgt. Shachar Fridman’s H.Y.D ‘ethical will’
Killed in Gaza in Action Defending the State of Israel


Articles about Shachar in the media

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"אני רואה את העם עכשיו, ובשביל מדינה כזאת אני מוכן להילחם. אני מוכן למות בעד המדינה שלנו"


סמל ראשון שחר פרידמן מירושלים נפל בקרבות בעזה: "היה האדם הכי מתוק שאפשר לדמיין"


סמ"ר שחר פרידמן שנפל בעזה הובא למנוחות: "לא מזמן כתבנו לך ברכה ליום הולדת, ועכשיו כתבנו לך הספד"

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"השתניתי בזכותך, התאהבתי ברגעים קטנים של יופי" | נגה נפרדת משחר

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הנרצחים והנופלים, כתבו לזכרם

סמ"ר שחר פרידמן

21, ירושלים, נהרג ברצועה


"אני לא יודעת איך אחיה עם הגעגוע הזה כל החיים שלי": אחותו של שחר ז"ל נפרדת בדמעות

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